Hp error code 13,message troubleshooting

Hp Error Code 13, Service Repair Errors 13 Problems Message

laser printer errors codes,service repair




13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4, 13.5, 13.6, 13.10, 13.20, 13.21, 13.99


1. Out of spec media.

2. Pick up roller came out of place.

3.Paper cassettes not correctly loaded.

 4. Dirty or obstructed paper path. Paper Jam in paper path. 

5. Worn pick up rollers an separation pad. 

6. Wrong length paper or incorrect software paper size selected. 

7. Defective exit sensor. 

8. Defective input sensor doesn’t sense paper out. 

7. Paper cassettes not correctly loaded. 

9. Bad solenoid operation. 

10. Bad gear or gears in drive train. 

11. Bad main motor or drive circuit.

 12. Bad delivery mechanism or coupler gear to main drive. 

13. Bad main motor drive circuitry. 


1. Defective sensor cable. 

2. Defective registration assembly. 

3. Defective fuser. 

4. Duplex paper path is obstructed or contains worn Components. 

5. Misadjusted or bent switchback assembly. 


1. Printer rear door open. 

2. Stuck or broken flags or sensors. 

3. Paper fragment under oblique rollers. 

4. Transfer roller guide not seated. 

5. Bad fuser ass'y

6. Bad toner cartridge

7. Worn pick up roller and reg. ass'y block.


1. Rear door open. 

2. Broken or missing cassette paper out sensor flag. 

3. 500 sheet lower cassette not properly adjusted. 

4. Check transfer roller to ensure it is seated properly. 

5. Bad input sensor, fuser exit sensor or bad paper end Sensor. 

6. Defective output rollers.

7. Paper stuck in paper path / In the input unite.


1. Toner cartridge gears worn or damaged. 

2. Paper path gears worn or damaged. 

3. Defective DC controller PCA. 

4. Defective registration guide. 

HP LASER PRINTER 5000, 5100, 5200

1. Check paper loaded in paper tray properly.

2. Check the paper length adjuster.

3. Look at the transfer roller ass'y for proper adjustment.

4. Check the paper path in the printer. Also make sure the duplexer paper path.

5. Bad fuser ass'y. Replace or reseat the fuser.

6.  Check for bad toner cartridge.

7.Check that all of the ass'y are seated and that all of the doors are closed.

8. Change maintenance kit 

HP LASER PRINTER 5SI, 8000,8150 

1. Toner cartridge gears worn or damaged. 

2. Paper tray feed and separation roller's worn.

3.Paper misaligned in paper tray. Look at the length and width adjustment.

4. Bad input unite. 

5. Bad fuser ass'y

6. External input device paper jam. Check all added devise like 2000 sheet feeder, Mail     box bin, Duplexer , Envelope feeder. Unplug all external device and run test with just the printer.

7. Paper jammed up in the exit ass'y on the left side of printer.

8. Transfer roller ass'y out of place or broken.

9. If paper is jammed under toner cartridge change registration or toner cartridge. 

10. Change maintenance kit .


1. No pick or media jammed in printer. Check the entire paper path of the printer. 

2. Media in duplex. Check the duplexer paper path

3. Sensor malfunction. 

4. Output sensor malfunction. Turn of offset ass'y in the 4si only

5. Check registration area fuser exit sensor flag and sensor. 

6. Bad fuser ass'y

7. Worn feed and separation rollers.

8. Changed maintenance kit.

HP LASER PRINTER 5L, 6L, 3100, 3150

1. Paper not loaded in the paper bin.

2. Bad paper bin sensor.

3. Bad toner cartridge.

4. Bad fuser ass'y.

5. Worn pick up rollers and separation kit / Pulling multiple sheets threw printer.

6. Paper bin over full..

HP LASER PRINTER 1005, 1012, 1150, 1300

1.Check paper in the paper tray.

2. Worn pick up rollers and separation pad.

3. Bad shutter door on toner cartridges. Change toner cartridge. 

4. Bad fuser ass'y.

5. Bad pick up roller shaft and clutch.  

HP LASER PRINTER 1100, 3200 Fax, HP PRINTER 2100, 2200

1. Paper jam open paper trays make sure paper is loaded properly.

2. Make sure the paper length is adjusted in the 2200 series.  

3. Paper jam check rear door and open and close top cover. 

4. Paper jam check duplexer. 

5. Paper jam internally / under the toner cartridge.

6. Worn pick up and separation pad.

7. Bad fuser ass'y .

8. Change maintenance kit .

9. Paper bin over full.

HP LASER PRINTER 1000, 1200, 1220mfp, 3300, 3300mfp

1. Check for paper loaded in paper tray properly.

2. Worn pick up roller and separation pad.

3. Feed roller shaft is bent or warped.

4. Paper stuck in paper path.

5. Bad fuser ass'y

6. Bad shutter on toner cartridge. Change toner cartridge.

7. Front door not properly shut. 


1. Check paper Path / Check paper trays

2. Check the length adjustment on the paper trays. 

2. Check Duplexer

3. If jammed message persists after all jams have been cleared, a sensor might stuck or broken

4. If it keeps jamming need to change feed rollers and separation pad.

5. Bad fuser ass'y

HP LASER PRINTERS  2410/2420/2430

1. A jam has occurred in the specified location.

2. Remove jammed media from the specified location.

3. If the message persists after all jams have been cleared, a sensor might be stuck or broken.


1. Verify that the type and quality of the media that you are using meets HP specifications.

2. Verify that the media is loaded correctly and that the guides are not too tight or too loose against the stack of media.

3. Verify that the tray pickup roller and separation pad are installed correctly.

4. Verify that solenoid SL3 is firmly seated on ECU connector J504. Verify that SL2 is being energized by removing the cover and observing the solenoid during a feed operation.

5. Open and close the cartridge door to clear the error message.


1. Check Paper Jam in - Front Door.

2. Check Paper Jam in - Print Cartridge.

3. Check Paper Jam in - Fuser Unit.

4. Remove jam and click OK.

HP LASER PRINTER 4000, 4050, 4100, 4100mfp

1. Ensure paper is loaded in paper tray property.

2. Check feed and separation rollers for unusual wear.

3. Check for the paper length adjusted in paper tray.

4. Bad fuser ass'y

5. Check paper path in duplexer.

6 Check small belt media roller to ensure that the roller and belt are feeding the media properly.

7. Check that transfer roller is seated properly.  

8. Change maintenance kit 

HP LASER PRINTER 4200, 4300, 4250, 4350

1. Check for paper loaded in paper tray properly.

2. Check for paper length adjusted in paper tray.

3. Check duplexer paper path.

4. Defective printer cartridge. Shutter door not opening all the way.

5. Look at feed and separation roller for wear or have popped off

6. Make sure no jam in stapler / stacker. Make sure to remove the staples and get the jammed stapled out.

7. Bad D.C. controller. 

8. Change maintenance kit 


1. Paper jam- check all rear doors. 

2. Paper jam- check middle front drawer and duplex drawer. 

3. Paper jam- check all drawers. 

4. Paper or wrong media in fuser. Like a none Hp transparences that melted  in fuser ass'y 

5. Worn feed and separation rollers.

6. Bad middle drawer ass'y.

7. Bad fuser ass'y 


1. Paper jam- check all Trays.

2. Paper jam- check all doors.

3. Paper jam- check fuser, duplexer, stapler.

4. Check connector cables on the DC Controller.

5. Replace the high voltage power supply

6. Replace the DC Controller.


1. Paper jam internally. 

2. Check paper trays for missed loaded paper.

3. Paper jam- check all doors. 

4. Paper jam- check duplexer. 

5. Paper jam- check mailbox bin. 

6. Bad fuser ass'y.

HP LASER PRINTER 9000, 9040, 9050MFP 

1. Paper jam- check trays, all doors, paper path. 

2. Paper jam- check duplexer.

3. Paper jam- internally. 

4. Check doors to make sure they are closed. 

5. Make sure all feed and separation rollers are properly installed.

6. If paper stops before fuser check the transfer ass'y or change it.

7. check fuser ass'y for paper stopping at the fuser. Bad fuser change it.

8. Bad D.C. controller

9. Paper is jammed at exit ass'y changed the delivery ass'y

10.  Replaced the diverter if the paper still doesn't make out of exit.

11. Replace the flipper ass'y

12. Replace the accumulator ass'y.

13. Check all device on printer. Run test with one device taken off  one at a time. 

14. Change maintenance kit 


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